About Bladez.io:

Bladez.io unblocked is a sword game that makes you a swordsman trying to swing his blade to kill all opponents. When you step into the arena, you are armed with a small sword so swing it smartly to deal damage to other players. To make your sword longer, you can pick up colored grains dispersed on the ground. Once your sword is increased in size, you will find it easier to kill others. Make sure you are quick and agile when killing them because if you don’t kill them first, they will defeat you, causing the game to be over. When in danger, you should run away from enemies using a speed boost. Also, the speed boost feature helps you chase the weak enemies, and you can defeat them before they run away from you. Keep swinging to get more kills! Your score will be increased on the leaderboard. When you get to the top rank, you will become the best player of Bladez.io free online! Have fun!


Use the mouse to move your character and swing the sword. Click the left mouse button to speed up.

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