About SlitherCraft.io:

SlitherCraft.io unblocked is a unique snake io game with a combination of Slither.io and Minecraft. Thanks to that combination, SlitherCraft.io free online has become an interesting snake game that gives you a better experience. You can hop on the game for free in your browser and play it to show off your skills against opponents from around the world.

When you spawn in the arena, you see that there are many Minecraft blocks dispersed on the ground. You have to grow the mass of your snake by eating as many blocks as possible. You should find a diamond block to eat because it will get you the maximum number of points. The killing mechanic in SlitherCraft.io game is different from Slither.io and is inspired by Minecraft. Rather than using your body to encircle around other snakes and make their heads collide with your body, you have to throw deadly explosives to them to make them explode and kill them. If the enemies are too powerful, you should speed up your snake to run away from them before they catch you and throw their dynamite at you. Just watch out for your surroundings as you play, pay attention to your opponents’ moves and develop your smart strategies so you can outplay them all. Only the best snake can dominate the arena and there can only be one winner. You have to get to the top rank on the leaderboard then prove that you are the best. Have fun with SlitherCraft.io!


Use the mouse to move your snake, click the left mouse button to speed it up, the right mouse button to throw explosives and Enter to chat.

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