About Stealth.io:

In a free online io game called Stealth.io, you have to use your smart tactics, nice skills, and some strategies if you want to outplay your opponents. All players from around the world will be taken into a dark world in a tunnel. You will not see anything here besides the muzzle flash from the end of the Glock 17 of your enemies. Now, you are competing against enemies for light and survival.

In Stealth.io unblocked, you can move through the tunnel using your stealth element to sneak up on other players. Everybody is fighting for their ultimate victory, and since there can be only one winner at the end of the match, the game has become more difficult to master. You have to move through the shadows shooting anyone that you catch sight of before they escape away from you. Protect yourself from their attacks! Try to survive to climb the top rank on the leaderboard to become the winner! Have fun!


Use WASD for the movement, move the mouse to rotate your character, click the left mouse button to raise a gun, the left mouse button to strike, and change weapons using the mouse wheel scroll.

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