About Stolk.io:

Stolk.io unblocked is a ping-pong ball io game. You are free to express your skills in Stolk.io free game and use them to beat all challenges as well as defeat other opponents. In this io game, you are tasked with aiming and hitting other balls for points. The task may sound easy to do, but it will be hard to conquer because you will encounter other opponents that are attempting to beat you. They want to have more points than you. If you let them, you will lose. You need to use your strategies with good tactics to outplay others and knock them off the table while avoiding attacks from them. Also, try to increase your size to get more strength, but you must watch your speed because it will reduce when you get bigger. Stolk.io gameplay is similar to table tennis games. If you are good at table tennis games, you will find this game easier to play.


Move your character using WASD. Speed up your character by holding Shift, swing the paddle using the left mouse button, charging up swing, and hitting with more power by holding the left mouse button.

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