About Zapper.io:

Zapper.io is a free-for-all Slither style game containing an intense massively multiplayer online match. In which, you start off with a tiny creature which looks like a worm. Aside from your presence, it’s easy to find out a lot of opponents. They come from around the world and they are also your enemies. You’d better avoid them because somebody who is smaller than you can kill you in a wink. Don’t let those creatures block and cut you off or you will lose! Play Zapper.io online unblocked you should collect as many orbs as possible! Consume and you will grow bigger. The main aim is to take over the leaderboard. Therefore, you don’t forget to increase your mass and turn into the longest monster on the server. It’s essential to complete the target before competitors! It’s available to speed up! It is a special ability to run away or chase!


Control the creature by using the mouse

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