About ZOMBS.io:

Zombs.io is a Tower Defense and Strategy game in which you have to go through a lot of waves of zombies. Start to create your base, and place so many turrets, walls around it to stop the incoming assaults of those enemies. You must construct Gold Mines to produce more gold, then, spend them all on various items in the shop. Keep your Gold mines and stash safe all the time, upgrade your walls so they can deal with the zombies more easily. How long will you survive? Enjoy it now!


Use keys WASD for the movement. Use the mouse to turn, click left mouse to collect items, assault enemies and build stuff. Use the right mouse or press Esc to unselect. The spacebar is used for auto-attack. Use keys E/T/F for upgrading, selling and healing quickly. Use key Q to change the weapons, and key B to bring up the shop.

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