About Battlefields.io:

Battlefields.io free online is a game of strategy and tactic. There will be 4 players fighting one another in many parts of the map. Each player starts with one tower and they are equipped with the maximum number of units. The task for you in Battlefields.io unblocked is to attack neutral towers and take chances to capture all towers of your opponents while defending your own. You need to send units to the neutral towers but make sure you will have some units guarding your main towers so as to stop enemies from attacking them. Some coins will be given to you at the end of every match. You should use those coins to unlock chests for more experiences and skins. Make sure you balance offense and defense at the same time during the battle for a chance of winning. The last player standing on the ground will win. Have fun with Battlefields.io unblocked!


Use the left mouse button to choose towers to attack and send units to towers. Use the mouse to navigate the menu.

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