About Chemz.io:

Chemz.io is a distinctive MMO action game. Control a plane and fly around the new arena with multiple opponents at once. Attempt to poison as many persons as possible to rank up. More important, it is useful to increase your own Coverage – the progress that everybody is longing to occupy. When it is filled, your aircraft will grow bigger and you can attack more people. Play Chemz.io free online and you should gather power-ups! They provide weapons along with the ability to speed up or larger wings that only exist for a short time. They are great to improve your spot on the leaderboard and overtake the rest easier. While you are moving within Chemz.io unblocked, it is feasible to strike somebody to loot their achievements. Utilize the chemtrail to block and cut them off as in Slither.io! Try to carry out the plan promptly! Remember to log in and save your level!


Use the mouse to fly, Q to drop bombs, E to launch missiles, Space to accelerate

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