About CrazyBattle:

CrazyBattle.io free online gives you a chance to show your fighting skills. The game revolves around an awesome battle with the battle royale concept like other games you have played. CrazyBattle.io unblocked is set on an island that is filled with dangers and explosive barrels. You should get your skills ready to defeat all enemies to become the winner.

The game features two game modes, including deathmatch and zombie. Each mode has a different objective. In the deathmatch mode, the goal for you is to become the only winner at the end of the game. This means you have to kill all enemies and try to survive until the end. You must collect weapons and items dispersed on the ground, equip yourself with them, and use them to dish out damage to your opponents. In the zombie mode, zombies are the main enemies of all players. They will come to kill you at night, so you’d better create a strong defense to defeat all zombies before they defeat you. Don’t forget to team up with other players! Once you have worked together, you will have more strength to fight off all zombies. Pay attention to your surroundings and get your strategies ready so you can outplay the zombies. Can you survive all two modes to become the best player in the game? Play CrazyBattle.io game for free now and have fun with it!


Move your character using WASD, shoot with the left mouse button, choose a wall type using Z/X or C, place walls using the right mouse button, use number keys 1-5 to switch items or weapons, press E for actions, Shift to run, Enter to chat, and spacebar to jump from the parachute.

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