REPULS unblocked is an entertaining shooting game with the FPP element. The game is from the io games series, which you can play for free in a browser. You will challenge other players from around the world to an epic match where you must kill them all to become the winner. Equip yourself with a strong gun then use it to shoot all enemies before they shoot you. As you play, you can pick up new weapons on the ground or use a rocket launcher to inflict more damage on enemies. Watch out for their moves as well as use good strategies to outplay them. You aim to get a high score to reach the top rank on the leaderboard and become the best shooter. Have fun with REPULS free online! There are other shooting io games like this you may want to try. But make sure you try this title too for a new experience! Enjoy it now!


Use WASD to move your character, click the left mouse button to shoot enemies, the right mouse button to use the rifle's scope, Q to attack with a weapon, use number key 1 to change a weapon, number key 2 to throw grenades, R to reload weapons and spacebar to jump.

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